Conference Novelty in Mental Health International Conference (2023) is open for Submission

Welcome to the world of mental health conferences, a space where mental health professionals, researchers, and individuals with lived experiences come together to share novel knowledge, in the field of mental health.

In recent years, there has been a rise in the number of conferences that seem to prioritize profit over the dissemination of knowledge and the fostering of meaningful connections. These conferences often charge exorbitant fees, have uninspired line-ups and presentations, and lack the necessary quality control measures to ensure participants genuinely benefit from attending.
High Fees, Low Value

One of the most glaring issues with profit-driven conferences is the excessive fees they charge for attendance. While it is understandable that organizing an event requires funding, these conferences often charge a premium for subpar experiences. Attendees may find themselves paying for a poorly managed event, with little to no return on their investment in terms of knowledge gained or connections made.

Our conference currently accept submissions related to novelty in mental health. All the submissions will be carefully assessed and they will be registered in the (

Conference fee: This conference is free. We promise that the conference will be always free of charge.

Date: October (we will announce the date later).


Abstract Submission Deadline:

Video Submission Deadline:

Acceptance/Rejection Notification Date of Abstract Evaluation Results:

Date of Providing Certificate:11 August

These conferences provide a platform for participants to engage in discussions, build networks, and learn about the latest advancements in mental health research, treatment, and policy. With the increasing prevalence of mental health challenges worldwide, these conferences play a crucial role in raising awareness and reducing mental health stigma. Whether you are a mental health expert or someone with a personal interest in mental health, attending such conferences can be a valuable experience to learn and contribute to the global mental health community. In this context, let us explore the world of mental health conferences and the opportunities they offer.

Organizer, Head of Chair : PhD. Kadir Uludag  affiliated with Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Committee Members:

Scientific Advisors:

 Nafees Ahmad (h-index:10)

email address:

Deniz Eren Erisen


Muhammad Faizan

email address:

Local Arrangements Committee:This conference was supported by Karabuk Ortodonti Klinigi ( 

for more information you can visit the following link:

we will update the participant list once we receive and accept the abstract.

Email address to submit abstracts: (

 We will provide Zoom conference passwords for the speakers who are interested in joining the conference.

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