Cross-Cultural Differences in Patient Perceptions of Dyskinesia in Parkinson's Disease


The data set included the Unified Dyskinesia Rating
(UDysRS) scores from 16 language translation programs (3566 patients).
We defined the Perception Severity Index (PSI) as the ratio between
normalized patient-based subjective ratings (UDysRS Part 1B) and
normalized clinician examination (Parts 3 and 4) scores (Part 1B/Parts
3 + 4) and compared the PSI across languages.


The mean PSI for the Chinese language (2.16) was higher
than those of all other languages, whereas the ratio for the Korean
language (0.73) was lower than those for Japanese, German, Turkish,
Greek, Polish, and Finnish languages (corrected P values <0.05).


Culture, as represented by language, affects the
subjective perception of LID and needs to be considered in multinational
clinical PD trials on dyskinesia.

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