Differences in autonomic nervous system activity between long-acting injectable aripiprazole and oral aripiprazole in schizophrenia | BMC Psychiatry | Full Text
Distinct oral atypical antipsychotics have different effects on autonomic nervous system (ANS) activity. Among them, oral aripiprazole has been linked to dysfunction of the ANS in schizophrenia. Long-acting injectable aripiprazole is a major treatment option for schizophrenia, but the effect of the aripiprazole formulation on ANS activity remains unclear. In this study, we compared ANS activity between oral aripiprazole and aripiprazole once-monthly (AOM) in schizophrenia. Of the 122 patients with schizophrenia who participated in this study, 72 received oral aripiprazole and 50 received AOM as monotherapy. We used power spectral analysis of heart rate variability to assess ANS activity. Patients who received oral aripiprazole showed significantly diminished sympathetic nervous activity compared with those who received AOM. Multiple regression analysis revealed that the aripiprazole formulation significantly influenced sympathetic nervous activity. Compared with oral aripiprazole, AOM appears to have fewer adverse effects, such as sympathetic nervous dysfunction.

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