Lets Catch the IELTS SCAMMER (Fake IELTS certificate guy)

If you study IELTS you must hear about the IELTS scammer. He claims that he has access to IELTS database and will provide you high score and he even has many websites for this purpose (I assume that he does not have any partner).

I see about him every day as I spend quite amount of time on IELTS -related websites.

In general, he spends a great amount of time and money to share the links. But he is more patient than other scammers and waits before claiming that he provides certificates. In facebook, He adds other people, spend some time and convince others that he is a really trustworthy person.

The web sites that he spends time: Facebook, Linkedin (hard to believe that Linkedin allows him to publish a job) and Reddit. I think he is not a native speaker as I see he makes many grammatical mistakes but I can guess that he prepared for IELTS. 

https://www.facebook.com/groups/565167033654581/ The Facebook group is filled with his scammer comments but weirdly after the evaluation of Facebook moderation, they concluded that the group is safe and they deleted scammy content. But still, there are many posts in the Facebook group.

Let’s go deeper,

One of his fake websites is  “legitenglishcertificate.com”

The website looks like made by WordPress but significantly better than his previous poor blog website which may demonstrate that somebody made the website for him. According to the website he claims that he uses encrypted email but it is actually just a Gmail account (American government can have access).

“You start by contact us via this secure encrypted email: E-mail: louismecheal@gmail.com

It is possible to hunt this scammer by the webmaster of WordPress but it is a low chance because he uses a popular theme and besides, this guy uses another scammer website “called 247ielts.com”.

According to Whois: the first website registered by Godaddy and DomainControl.com  ddomaincontrol.comAnd the state is Sargodha, Pakistan. But he is not an idiot to write his real address.

Having an international hosting requires giving your home address and identity card so that his hosting firm must give a lot of information about the scammer. 

http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=983137 According to this website the hosting firm owned by Godaddy, so he uses Godaddy hosting and must register with a fake identity and address.

Besides, he has a bunch of other websites called, http://purchaseieltscertificate.com/ and  http://buycertified-ielts-from-bc.com/ also hosted by Godaddy as you can guess.

+234070191++040 but he uses this phone number which is from Nigeria. But also he has a phone number which starts with 237 and from Cameroon and also phone numbers start with +1. As I know there are several applications to get different phone numbers. 

But,  I think it is possible to get more information from Godaddy.com because he must pay for a domain and hosting and I do not think someone else can pay that amount of money for him. Contacting with Godaddy.com may help us to learn his bank account and other information which may help us to find out his real name.

In addition, he paid for an advertisement on Google.

I think he is a scammer who lives in Africa (probably Cameroon) but not very sure which country.  I will keep writing as I learn more about him.


and also another related scammer sites which should be banned:

ieltscertificatesale com

ieltscertificatoonline com

ieltsmanufacture com

buydocumentsonline net













https://www.drivinglicenseforsale.uk/ (fake driver license)


claims to sell degree certificate and Nebosh Certificate as well.

related links:







fakediploma58.com (https://twitter.com/fakediploma58)

buydegree58.com (not working at this time)


and Twitter:twitter.com/search?q=buyielts&src=typd






I am not sure how he convince him to do this video (by blackmail?).

The phone number of the scammer is also here: allenshippinglines.com/contact/# but I am not sure what how he scams by using this website.

marianta-logistics.com/service-2/ The website also includes one of the scammer’s phone number.

The scammer also uses other websites to advertise his website. 

https://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/buydocumentsonline.net According to Alexa the link is shared in 247 different web sites. He may have other non-scammer web sites which help to find his real identity.

He is not only a scammer of IELTS documents. He also tries to sell a fake passport.

“buypassportsonline.com” The web site has a similar design and suggested by Alexa as a similar site. Of course, having one website is not enough for such enthusiastic scammer (legitpassport.com, buyfakepassportsonline.com, darknetdocuments.com, buyrealpassportonline.net, realfakedocs.tumblr.com, legitdocsforall.com, buyyourdocuments.com, securedpassportonline.com, citizenshipforsale.net, worldwideventures.org, http://buyrealandfakedocuments.com, legalpassports.com, alldocuments.online, ultimatesaldocuments.com, globallinksdocument.net , easydocumentsonline.com (which is popular in Cameroon), buy-real-fake-documents.com, fastdocuments24hrs.com, http://legitdocproducers.com, uniusedocuments.com ). These web sites are found by Audience Overlap statistics according to Alexa.com.

Also his Linkedin profiles: https://www.linkedin.com/in/carolclark30/


https://www.linkedin.com/in/steve-teye-73942916b/ (With a premium account which means he paid to Linkedin).

Weirdly, his fake company has 108 active staff. https://www.linkedin.com/company/ielts-britishcouncil/about/ Some of them are not obviously related to Scamming activity but somehow they claim to work in that fake company.

I have witnessed one candidate scammed by him. She was my motivation to write down this. Obviously, the scammer has better marketing skills than IELTS.:) Let’s assume that every domain costs 10 dollars, it means he must spend at least 500 dollars per year and costs of Linkedin premium account+Google ads.  

It may be possible to catch him by his Skype contacts (very little chance). Skype is a very tricky app and sometimes adds some contacts from your cell phone automatically without your permission. The scammer has many Skype accounts (you know his passion for having many accounts).

Also, Skype allows you to see common friends. All we have to do is add all Skype ID’s of scammers and analyze if there are common friends and eliminate people other than Cameroon (not sure).  

More information about his bank accounts:


to give information about scammers you can use an online inquiry form.

also, (security.ielts@idp.com)

To do research about scammers you can use our Scammer Search Engine which includes several comprehensive scammer database.
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