how to evaluate your Youtube success?

Everybody knows that Youtube provides detailed analysis regarding your Youtube channel.

It is essential to understand needing of your subscribers to achieve success (I mean more subscriber and view time). I would like to mention several criteria to understand what others think about your content.

View time–>how many minutes they watch your content. It is one of the most basic criteria. If view time is less than a minute, it generally means they dislike your content and you have to create better content.

Another possibility is you are not marketing your content in the right place. Try to change where you share your link and then analyze your analytics again. 

Total Visit/Subscriber–> Total visit/subscriber account for the engagement rate. It also explains how you manage to gain long-term subscribers. If they are not subscribing you enough you may think about changing the way of presenting your topic or you may try to ask people to subscribe.

Watch Time-Subscriber–>These two factors are quite related.  These are the factors that determine most of your long-term success.

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