The Zombieland (Ekşi Sözlük) which initially built as a reddit-similar community platform is one of the most visited Turkish websites according to both Alexa and Similarweb. Sourtimes culture has created such brand that so many other similar platforms have also been created (Instela, Uludağ Sözlük).

After serving for many years Sourtimes has drastically changed its purpose and has started to aim for having more visitors. The sign of the greediness is even in their codes. In Sourtimes, there are more than 100.000 users who are waiting to be able to a user. In order to facilitate the process, their programmer has created an algorithm to select users.

According to the algorithm, visiting the website is the most popular factor in terms of being a writer which means their primary concern is their total click. 

Putting it simply, if you are spending all your time on the site you have more chance to get selected by the system.

To me, the system can only create zombie users who love the website but unable to create the diversified content which serves for collective young culture in Turkey.

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