Vodafone ads and Marketing Ethics in Turkey

Vodafone is one of the greatest telecommunication companies and very popular brand among Turkish people (One of the top 3 companies).

They have provided unique internet packages for Turkish people and their services were not bad but they have recently completely changed their marketing policy. As you can see from the given picture they are super thirsty for new users who are looking for new opportunities (Avea is one of the top companies in Turkey too).

To me, it is very unethical to use the keywords of other brands to sell their products.

More examples regarding their profit-based new strategies:

if you are looking for new phone company in Turkey, they provide 20 different opportunities:

(the link: https://www.vodafone.com.tr/numara-tasima-yeni-hat/tarifeler/Yaz?cid=perf-ppc-google-sea-red-generic-brand_category-mobacq-ao-keywordpurebrandrlsa-1018&gclid=Cj0KCQjwpavpBRDQARIsAPfTwiybsGT6nzqMLLKCnzSxzTKMdF7e60VqJ7hb3VypoM-y6SoTyWdTs14aAnxsEALw_wcB)


The prices are quite reasonable but the problem is they offer only 3 packages for users who already use Vodafone.


In short, In my opinion, their marketing team feel like they have demonstrated their success at proving good phone services and have many loyal users who are ready to pay 2 times more compared to other brands. To me, it is great time to try other services..

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