Some IELTS writing Inaccuracies

Using Unnecessary Words

On the other hand, another opinion views that human Is naturally the most important living being on earth. Consequently, a human is entitled to utilize nature with its whole content regarding people’s need for self-survival and improvement in living condition.

Cliche&Memorized expressions:

There is no doubt that the environment is getting polluted every day. It is important to take certain measures to protect our planet.

Repetition in Task 1:

While people in North America mainly used water for industrial purposes (48%), agricultural use of water was also high (39%), with water being least used for domestic purposes (13%). Similarly, people in Europe also used water mostly for industrial purposes (53%), followed by agricultural use (32%) and domestic purposes (15%).

On the other hand, people in South America utilised water the most for agriculture (71%), followed by domestic use (19%) and industrial use (10%). Also, Africans used water mainly for agricultural purposes (84%), followed by domestic use (9%) and industrial purposes (7%).

In task 1, we are expected to use a minimum of 150 words and it is better not to repeat words. Otherwise, an examiner may think that we are using memorized patterns.

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