Sub to Sub? expanding your Youtube Network?


It is interesting to see that so many Youtube content creator is joining Youtube related groups to advertise their content. They are asking others to subscribe. The interaction has increased after the new Youtube policy which determines minimum requirements for monetization.

People are desperately looking for a 1000 subscriber. I do not believe that it is a sustainable way to gain a subscriber by asking others due to the fact that they have to spend a great time.

Let me explain why it is useless:

Let’s assume that you need 5 minutes to convince 1 person to subscribe to your Youtube channel. They will subscribe just because you asked them to do. They will not watch your videos and they may stop subscribing you in the future. Basically, you need to spend 10 minutes to attract just 1 person. It means you need to spend 10.000 minutes which is almost 7 days to have a 1.000 subscriber in a year. But you still need to spend your valuable time to be watched for 4.000 hours.

Other possible problems may occur as well. It is possible that Youtube will

understand that your subscribers are not really interested in your content. 

In conclusion, I suggest you focus on to create beautiful and beneficial content. If you are aiming to expand your network, you can register our network.

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